Addictions / Substance Abuse

Addictions / Substance Abuse


My approach to working with any type of addiction and/or substance abuse is NOT a "one size fits all" approach.

There are no black and white definitions or definitive steps to recovery and healing. 

 Each person is unique so my approach with each client is unique. 

We work together to examine problem areas or POTENTIAL problem areas,

to explore possible supports, methods of healing and recovery and to learn new coping skills. 

First and foremost is to reduce any shame that exists.

"Anonymous" programs can range from helpful to life-saving but they do not work for everyone

    and like any sub-culture can have areas of imperfection and dysfunction. 

The Anonymous Groups are only one area to be explored or tried as

    one possible means of support...there are others.

One of the slogans used by the Anonymous Groups, which I believe applies to any approach for healing and recovery,

    including one-on-one therapy is "take what you need and leave the rest."


More to come....


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